Lifelong Learning Experience

If you have found a job that brings in enough dough just watch out for the crisis that might strike any time soon. Thousands have been losing their jobs but most people than not are still employed and doing fine no matter more. Any incentives you might get to invest in self development are not about the money only, the experience could teach you now that it is no use waiting for nothing, for a bit of luck to strike you, for the fate to announce itself all of a sudden. Hard work alone cannot spare you either, plenty of those who are alive are willing to be working hard to provide for their families, so why treat yourself as the exception to the rule. If you have been adamant you came to know it all and see no real need to do anything about your attitude then perhaps the experience will teach you how to do it now.

Expect the Change round the Corner

How can a change in one’s life bring about a change in one’s expectations and behavior and action to bring something to fruition only those affected know. But in those troubling time of high unemployment figures and unrelentless stress of having to do your job many times better than ever, effort and change are no longer enough. Innovation is a value sought over and that belongs only to some of the brains out there, as you cannot learn overnight to suddenly become passionate about the opportunities in a given field. What if you have developed and flexed all your muscles and all you can do now is just expect unemployment. With no skills employed and strengthened ways of dealing with tasks, the individual’s chances of work success are largely diminished. Problem is in the crisis and with new blows to the economy and the changing requirements as well as a smaller job supply getting a job is much slimmer than ever before. It is a decade of a radical change at large, with ageing populations, increased high tech invasion on our lives and more, so that no one is virtually able to predict what comes next. Now, mind you, even those much touted smart brains would be facing a great era of anxiety ahead, being challenged with an insufficient job supply for those with diplomas and even PhD. That would simply mean those people would move to open their own business instead of putting their brain to some advanced ideas that any country deeply needs for its development. With trickles of immigrants coming over, the worst paid jobs attract now those who would not normally be thinking even about this idea in the first place. So much has changed now, with cutbacks and family’s strength getting weaker, which only means that without this support we are doomed to live a life that has only some little ray of light to offer. But in developed countries thousands continue to live a good life and things are better for them than ever, so again, the disparity is so vast despite the world being so nicely interconnected than ever before.