How to Lose Your Audiences’ Trust Fast

Converting your online audiences to loyal advocates is among your top goals as a blogger or online entrepreneur. This is the main reason why you invest on strategies that are meant to keep followers on following you and your works. Once successful, you can keep your audiences as loyal followers when you gain their trust.

Despite your efforts in providing all of the things your advocates are looking for in your business, there are times when you just break their trust. Smart entrepreneurs and bloggers know how to handle this kind of situation though so that they won’t lose their audiences. One way of avoiding such kind of problem is by knowing that you can lose the trust of your online clients. Here are some common reasons why you lose their trust.

  • You are Selfish – keep in mind that your loyal advocates do not need radar to know what you are thinking deep inside. Always remember that your contents will tell your readers about you, your purpose, and plans as an entrepreneur. As an online entrepreneur or blogger, make sure that you offer your hand to your clients. In doing so, you can expect the same from your customers. People usually like the fact that they are being helped and supported by other people, especially by a company that they support. If you are selfish and don’t care about them, chances are you will find their trust on you slipping by the day.
  • Offers the Same, Old Stuff – another way to lose your audience’s trust is by writing the same, old stuffs. If you want to keep your readers on following your works, always make it a point to be creative and unique. Offer fresh ideas to your followers through creative writing. Boring and repetitious subject matters are fit for the garbage bin. You should not entertain the idea of recycling your articles if you can serve a new menu on the table.
  • You do not Deliver – basically, people follow you because you do what you say. If not, what’s the point of following you and your works? This is another reason why customers stop being loyal advocates of your business. Online companies and bloggers who fail to deliver on what they write or offer usually ends up being left by their clients. If you are a blogger, always make it a point that you write what you’ve promised to your readers. As an online entrepreneur, provide the quality of products you’ve advertised to your customers. In doing so, you won’t be losing your clients’ trust. As a matter of fact, you’ll also be increasing the number of customers following your brand. They will increase in numbers without further advertisements.

As the entrepreneur, the best thing to do in order to retain the trust of your customers is by making sure that you are happy to help and provide the needs of your clients. Pause for a while and put yourself on the shoes of your clients, wouldn’t it be nice if the blogger or company you trust provides your happiness?