Do Not Think Twice, Live Your Life Now!

What sort of pillars could you base your life on? Instead of reading too much into philosophy, why not just do what you please, be in the moment and enjoy the flow? Somehow thinking that you might need to have more to truly appreciate the moment can turn into a lifelong obsession that prevents you from seeing the life as it is, from its intoxicating effect on you and your surroundings and everything that lives and breathes. Too much entaglement in life’s purpose and the reason you arrived to be at this stage of life leaves one’s mind somewhat dulled and deprived, although, that is not to say, that you should abandon any pursuit of meaning and relegate it to some lesser beings. When hard working people enjoy their nice break moments from a hard day’s work, those glimpses of freedom from a task at hand could be enough to provide some insight into their condition.

Safety Worries

We love patterns and we hate the routine, as we love those pleasurable patterns and we hate the mundane. A smoke in the morning is a mundane yet pleasurable task just like meeting and greeting the same faces each morning, but does it not leave you with a nicely established pattern that provides structure to your day? That is safety so many of us seek on a daily basis. When it is disrupted then we are going into a freeze mode that only the overriding principle can bring back. That is how many people react to a change, when you worked yourself to the bone to regain some peace of mind only to be confronted with yet another twist in the story. And here we go again, to a life long struggle that is mostly unfair for most folks but it is painfully and largely unavoidable. So how to make the most of your life in whatever the circumstances?

Make the Most of Your Life

Do what most people normally like to do or just go own your way to establish what is healthy and good for you, and whether you can allocate some time to do it well or just do it. Go for a run in the morning, leave the town on a bike, walk in the sun and rejoice some good weather that the days bring. Cut down on some unhealthy habits and reinforce your new ones with some rewards. Introduce little changes to your routine futher more so that when a change comes you would be better prepared to deal with it effectively. Find ways to soothe the scared parts of you deep within and experiment with any methods that you might want to think about. Do not be afraid to ask for help or yourself extend a hand to someone. Be mindful of the fact that you have little time left on this planet so while your consciousness is still on, keep it that way as long as you can.