Cheap Travel Ideas

Traveling is always on everyone’s bucket list. Traveling to another country to experience their culture and tradition easily appeals to everyone. However as people soon realize, it’s not for everyone after all. There are a lot of costs to consider and some of the choice destinations might not be so budget-friendly. If you want to travel, but you don’t want to spend a lot for just a single trip, here are some of alternative travel ideas you can do instead. These will help you save money while still providing you with new and enjoyable experiences.

Travel Locally

It’s very exciting to think about traveling to foreign, exotic countries. However, many people don’t even know what their own city has to offer. Instead of being drawn towards another country, first consider if you’ve exhausted the travel options near you. You won’t have to pay a lot in terms of transportation, and since you’re considered a local, you can even find good deals.

If you’re already familiar with your own city and traveled to neighboring regions, then it’s time to set your sights to domestic locations. Depending on your location, you might need to travel by boat, by plane, or by car. However, this is still cheaper compared to international flights. Again, since you speak the same language and you’re a bit familiar with the culture, you can enjoy the place without depleting your bank account. Remember that even though it’s in the same country, each region will always have something interesting to offer whether it’s a tourist spot or local delicacy.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteering is a way for you to give back to the community while still enjoying yourself. You’ll be able to travel to different places and you can experience firsthand about another culture. Some organizations even provide free board and lodging, so you’ll only need to pay for your plane ticket and food (and souvenirs if you want). There won’t be many opportunities for you to spend lavishly since you’ll be busy from morning until afternoon. Plus, you’ll also be able to socialize with your fellow volunteers, so you can experience a country with a fellow traveler and you can also learn about their culture.

Go Camping

Camping is a very great way for you to experience nature and everything it has to offer (good or bad). It’s a very inexpensive way to do it too; all you need is just your own provisions and a tent. You’ll skip the expensive restaurants since your food bill is your groceries. There might be an admission fee for some parks, but it usually costs below $20.

Even if you’re not an outdoor person, there’s still a way for you to enjoy the great outdoors. A lot of parks offer cabins which you can rent for a cheap price. You’ll be able to use amenities like hot water, a comfortable bed, and a private toilet.

Last-Minute Cruises

Cruises are a great way to visit multiple destinations and be comfortable in traveling. However it definitely costs a lot, sometimes even more than package tours. To exploit a loophole regarding prices, you can try to book cruises a few days or a week before it starts. At this time, a lot of cruise lines offer huge discounts just to fill their passenger list. If you bargain well, you might even get some freebies or free upgrades as the cruise line tries to win you over. In short, you’ll pay for almost half the price and enjoy free bonuses if you time your booking right.

Consider Alternatives

Some countries can be very expensive during certain seasons. For example, a plane ticket to Europe can cost almost $1000. It’s a steep price to pay for a vacation and you won’t have much money left for accommodation or food. Instead, you can go there in opposite seasons. In the given example, a ticket to Europe during winter (their off-peak season) will be at half-price. It might not be what you want to see, but it’s still a good deal considering the place and the price.

Another way to save money regarding your travel destinations is to think of other options that are similar to your intended place. For example, instead of traveling to Italy, you can opt for Greece instead. The second country might have a similar culture so you’ll still enjoy yourself. If you really want, you can just travel by land to your intended destination. This will be cheaper compared to booking a flight and staying in a hotel there for a long time.

Be an Exchange Student

For students, there are a lot of opportunities to travel and study abroad. One option is through your school’s exchange program. A lot of schools are now offering this option and even pay for your accommodation. Some programs even pay for your vaccinations, visa and fare. Though this only lasts for 3 weeks, it’s already a reasonable time for you to experience another country’s culture, language, and food.

Teach English in a Camp

For native English speakers, it’s easy to take advantage of teaching English in many countries. There are English camps that last for a month to 6 months. In this scenario, the school will take care of your accommodation, visa, and sometimes the plane fare. In addition, you’ll also get paid while you do this job. As long as you have a passport from a native English speaking country, they will be interested in you. It’s a good way to experience another country while getting paid for your troubles.

Join Competitions

Although this isn’t for everyone, this is still a viable option. There are a lot of competitions that are held abroad which you might qualify for. If you do qualify, then your plane ticket and accommodation will be taken care of by the competition’s sponsors. Even if it’s not going to be held internationally, you can still earn money and use it to fund for your travels so it’s definitely an option worth looking into.

Farm Work

Another option for the able-bodied traveler is to work in farms. There are a lot of farms in other countries, and there is always a demand for farm hands. You can use this to travel to another country, learn about their culture, and earn money as well. A lot of organizations provide opportunities for work like this though some might require a small fee to register to their network. However in exchange, your accommodation and food will be provided by the farm.

Timing is everything for you to travel cheaply. From last-minute bookings, to booking in off-seasons, there are a lot of cheap travel ideas out there. Even if you’re a student or already a professional, there are still options for you to take advantage of. As long as you meet the necessary criteria for some options, you can travel and you can even earn money while doing so.