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Write Contents that Get Stuck on the Mind of Readers

Readers usually forget what you’ve written after a day or two. In fact, great contents are sometimes easily forgotten. As a writer, your goal is not only to provide quality contents to your writers. Getting your works remembered is also among your objectives. You can do it if you remain consistent with your goals to achieve this purpose. On this article you will learn the techniques how as a writer can inscribe in the minds of the readers the message he wishes to convey.

How to Do It

Contents that are written and published on your website or blog site should stick with your readers. If not, then you need to work harder so that you’ll come up with messages that stick. As a writer, you can use various strategies to become successful with your work. So how does a copywriter end up writing contents that get stuck on the mind of his or her readers? You don’t have to worry though as there are some writing strategies that can help you deliver unforgettable messages to your readers. Here are some of the approaches that you can use as writer to do it.

  • Be Unpredictable – writers who are unpredictable with their work usually delivers messages that are unforgettable. On the other end, copywriters who are quite predictable as they usually go the same route when writing end up forgotten. Make it a point to project your unpredictability as a writer. It will make the difference to be remembered by your followers.
  • Write Great Stories – one way to keep your contents alive is by writing great stories. In most cases, stories are what sticks to the mind of the readers. Unlike with facts, stories easily get stuck as they are quite easy to digest. Unique stories remained etched in the consciousness of the readers for long periods of time.
  • Use Metaphors – if you are having a hard time giving your point, using metaphors to deliver your message is a brilliant move. Basically, metaphors help the readers to easily understand your point. They allow the online audience to get what you want to say as you relate it to something they know. It helps a lot to be remembered.
  • Provide Backbones for Your Facts – another way to provide a picture for your story is by using facts that will support your contents. Articles that were provided with facts usually end up being remembered than those that were just made up. The facts mentioned will not easily fade out in their minds.
  • Surprise – keep your readers guessing. Readers usually pay attention to writers who provide the unexpected. If you want to keep readers interested, be sure to have some surprises up your sleeve. Surprises usually makes people remember what was said on your content.

Making your online audience to remember what you’ve written on your website or blog site should never be a difficult task for writers. Getting your contents stuck on the mind of your readers can be done with several strategies. Follow and execute the tips above and see some results in your writing career.

5 Ways Guest Posting Can Be Useful For You

Guest blogging or guest posting is basically writing a blog post for someone elseís blog. Usually, you would guest blog on a site that is working on a related niche to that of your own blog. Some people say that this is not a good investment of your time, but it actually helps you in a lot of ways. Discussed here are the top 5 ways that guest posting or guest blogging can help you.

Quality Traffic

One of the main ways that guest posting can be useful for you is that it can get you more quality traffic. Take note, not just more traffic, but more quality traffic. Traffic is basically the visitors that your own blog gets. The more visitors, the better. But, it would be even better if the visitors you get are actually interested in your blog. If you do guest blogging in other blogs that are related to your own, the visitors that you get from your guest blog would most probably be interested in your niche already.

Also, you should only do guest blogs for those sites that are more established than you are. This is because they would have more traffic already and if you post a blog in their site, you would get some of their traffic.

Online Influence

By guest posting, you would be able to reach more people. If you guest post on several sites that are already established and have a high page rank, then more people would be able to read your post as compared to when you post it on your blog alone. You would be able to impact more people, help more individuals and get known faster.

Online Authority

Guest blogging in established sites would get you more authority as well. If the people reading the established sites see your name there, they would associate you to the site and see you as a reputable blogger. They would then be regular visitors to your own blog. You would basically get a share of the established sitesí authority and influence, aside from their traffic.

Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for your own blog to grow. You can think of backlinks as votes. If you have a link on another site, itís like that site is voting for you. The more authority the site has, the better your vote is. In guest posting, you would be leaving a backlink to your site. It is important to choose the sites you would be guest blogging for. Remember that they would be voting for you. They should have online authority and should also be relevant to the niche your blog is about.

Social Media

Most established blogs would have social media accounts that they use to promote their posts. If you make a guest blog for them, that post would also be promoted in their social media accounts. This automatically gives you more social media exposure. Without even opening your own account, you already get more people through Facebook, Twitter, etc. who would know about you and your blog.

Writing Tips that Attracts Online Readers

When it comes to writing, you need to use ways that are effective in attracting your target readers. It should be your main objective as writers to stir the interest of the online public. One way of doing this is by focusing on write-ups that are interesting, compelling, and at the same time creatively done.

No matter how good you are with your writing skills, you need to know about smart writing. There are some things that you won’t get with pure talent. Sometimes, simple things weight more than your skills. Here are some tips that will help your online site attract more and more visitors with contents of your articles.

  • Less on Adjectives – if you think that the adjectives will help you pin down what you’re trying to point out, then you are wrong. In fact, removing the adjectives will allow you to get to the point without going astray from the message. Smart writers keep the usage of adjectives at a lower percentage. The main reason for this is to get to the point at a sharper approach. However, do it in a nice way without sacrificing the points you wish to drive at. If it can excite more interests from your readers, you can do it once in a while.
  • Write from the Heart – I’m sure you’ve heard this one a thousand times. But did you follow this great pointer? Most writers work professionally by following all the rules of writing which is why they fail to get to the heart and soul of the readers. There’s nothing wrong with following the rules as this is beneficial to the writer. However, writing from your heart allows you to connect with your readers. It is perfect if while writing from your heart, you are at the same time following the right procedures in writing your piece.
  • Emphasize by Repeating – perhaps you are avoiding repeating phrases as you do not want your write-ups to be redundant. You can always repeat phrases if you are doing it to emphasize your point. However, there should always be a limit to its use as too much will make you really sound redundant. From your vantage point as a writer, you know well when it is time to make another repetition.
  • Information – most people would not care about your writing skills if your works do not contain the information they need. Readers would scan your work and would quickly leave upon finding no substantial facts from your write-ups. When writing, make sure that you take some time on gathering information for your work. Think about the needs of others from the articles you are offering to them. This will allow you to provide the information that most of your online readers are looking for.

To sum up, talent and smart writing make a good combination for an attractive essay. As a writer, you shouldn’t only focus on your writing skills. Always consider using simple techniques that can make any piece of writing material more interesting and compelling.