5 Ways Guest Posting Can Be Useful For You

Guest blogging or guest posting is basically writing a blog post for someone elseís blog. Usually, you would guest blog on a site that is working on a related niche to that of your own blog. Some people say that this is not a good investment of your time, but it actually helps you in a lot of ways. Discussed here are the top 5 ways that guest posting or guest blogging can help you.

Quality Traffic

One of the main ways that guest posting can be useful for you is that it can get you more quality traffic. Take note, not just more traffic, but more quality traffic. Traffic is basically the visitors that your own blog gets. The more visitors, the better. But, it would be even better if the visitors you get are actually interested in your blog. If you do guest blogging in other blogs that are related to your own, the visitors that you get from your guest blog would most probably be interested in your niche already.

Also, you should only do guest blogs for those sites that are more established than you are. This is because they would have more traffic already and if you post a blog in their site, you would get some of their traffic.

Online Influence

By guest posting, you would be able to reach more people. If you guest post on several sites that are already established and have a high page rank, then more people would be able to read your post as compared to when you post it on your blog alone. You would be able to impact more people, help more individuals and get known faster.

Online Authority

Guest blogging in established sites would get you more authority as well. If the people reading the established sites see your name there, they would associate you to the site and see you as a reputable blogger. They would then be regular visitors to your own blog. You would basically get a share of the established sitesí authority and influence, aside from their traffic.

Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for your own blog to grow. You can think of backlinks as votes. If you have a link on another site, itís like that site is voting for you. The more authority the site has, the better your vote is. In guest posting, you would be leaving a backlink to your site. It is important to choose the sites you would be guest blogging for. Remember that they would be voting for you. They should have online authority and should also be relevant to the niche your blog is about.

Social Media

Most established blogs would have social media accounts that they use to promote their posts. If you make a guest blog for them, that post would also be promoted in their social media accounts. This automatically gives you more social media exposure. Without even opening your own account, you already get more people through Facebook, Twitter, etc. who would know about you and your blog.